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The GOAL of our language course is to help YOU achieve concrete improvements in YOUR ability to speak English and obtain an International Language Certificate!

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Our Courses

We offer 6 levels of study

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Level 1 (A1)

In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

- basic vocabulary in various categories
- basic grammar rules
- definite and indefinite articles
- vocabulary of greetings, introductions, personal questions
- numbers
- the verb "to be"
- possessive pronouns
- names of countries and continents
- countable and uncountable nouns
- adverbs of time
- ordinal numbers
- make/do

You will also learn how to:
- speak in a restaurant or a cafe
- the use of "there is/there are"
- talk about your family and occupation and about the families and occupations of other people
- describe the physical appearance and personalities of people
- ask and talk about occupations
- talk about your habits and hobbies
- talk about yourself

Level 2 (A2)

In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

- more vocabulary related to home and home furnishings
- the Present Continuous Tense
- informal letter writing
- the Present Perfect Tense
- construction "be going to"

You will also learn how to:
- describe your own home and ask about the furnishings of homes/hotels/offices
- ask about and define the location of people/things
- directions, distances, location
- speak English at the airport/railway station and at a travel agency
- Write various informal letters
- describe your own plans/intentions
- offer, accept and reject proposals
- talk about physical well-being and about health problems
- communicate at a doctor's office

Level 3 (B1)

In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

- pronouns, prepositions
- special section about social meetings
- personal questions
- special section about methods of payment (cash, credit cards, cheques, etc.)
- the Past Continuous Tense
- "have/have got" - common features and differences
- differences between Simple Past/Past Continuous
- differences between Simple Past/Present Perfect
- differences between Present Simple/Present Perfect
- differences between Present Simple/Present Continuous
- phrasal verbs
- Conditional I (conditional sentences, conditional mood)
- confirming and negating
- question tags
- the Present Perfect Continuous
- various forms of Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous

You will also learn how to:
- communicate during informal social meetings
- verb patterns
- shop in many kinds of stores
- write emails and faxes
- write a post card to a friend
- talk about interests, hobbies and ways of spending leisure time

Level 4 (B1+)

In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

- writing letters and about their structure
- short answers
- additional modal verbs
- more about The Future Simple Tense
- accepting and rejecting proposals
- various forms of will/going to
- the use of "used to"
- the passive voice
- means of transport
- Conditional II (conditional sentences, conditional mood)
- subject and Object questions
- open/closed questions, use of various interrogative pronouns (Wh- words and how)
- "have something done", "get something done"

You will also learn how to:
- write all types of informal letters
- the Past Perfect verb form
- write formal letters, make complaints, etc.
- communicate at the airport, railway station, on a ferry
- apply for a job
- propose, discuss and persuade
- talk about past and current habits
- talk about advantages and disadvantages
- express your own opinion/ disagree with other people's opinions
- communicate in a hotel
- write summaries of books/conferences/events/business meetings
- speak English on the phone
- give orders and recommendations
- write a composition and a memo

Level 5 (B2)

In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

- review of all verb forms
- the passive voice and its use in various tenses and grammatical forms
- types of sports disciplines, interests, hobbies
- the passive voice (more information about the use of additional verb forms)
- relative clauses
- modal verbs && description_en != '; various forms
- review of past tense forms
- money, currency, fractions, percentages, numbers, data
- various forms of the past tense
- time clauses
- all types of conditional sentences: 0, I, II, III (conditional sentences, conditional mood)
- means of transport && description_en != '; continued

You will also learn how to:
- talk about various interests and hobbies
- write formal and informal letters && description_en != '; differences
- detailed discussion of conjunctions
- adverbs
- write stories
- count in English, convert currencies, give data, dates, etc.
- lodge a complaint
- handle complex phone calls in English
- write private and business emails and faxes
- apply for a job
- ask for things, give orders, propose in English

Level 6 (B2+)

In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

- question tags: variations and exceptions
- zodiac signs
- various forms of perfect tenses
- special section - shopping
- special section - staying at a hotel
- the sequence of tenses

You will also learn how to:
- give a detailed description of physical appearance, personality and other features
- communicate in restaurants and bars
- special section - at the doctor's office
- communicate in public institutions, such as the post office, hospital, police station
- shop in many kinds of stores
- talk about eating preferences and ask about them
- communicate at the cinema or theatre
- talk in English-speaking pubs
- book a hotel room and communicate in a hotel
- communicate at a doctor's office

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About us

Our Program has been developed in close cooperation with the British Language Centre - a leading Adult Language Education Centre with multiple facilities, and an official English Language Testing Centre for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TELC (The European Language Certificates), and by Upon completion of each Course Level, (there are 6 levels and 6 Certificates) .

Our primary Educational Consultant has a Delta (the senior-most achievement) in Adult Language Education from Trinity College London - one of the most prestigious Universities in the United Kingdom- or the world!